So we may get up to two feet’s worth of global warming…

…by the time this is all over.  Having shoveled out the walk several times already, I’ve come to the conclusion that snow is a royal, if not epic, pain in the ass.  And lower back.  And shoulders.  Which meant that I was probably doing it wrong.

Also: having another Ice Age would really and truly suck.  But I knew that from reading Fallen Angels (watch that one never get made into a Hollywood movie)…


  • Conservadick says:

    Could we do it as a SyFy movie?

  • yerwerdz says:

    COPENHAGEN [AP] – Shocked and shaken by the theft of the Auschwitz sign, the world community must now “take note” of another midnight action. This time its a deal brokered by US President Barack Obama at the largest and most important U.N. meeting ever on fighting global warming. The new deal, which abandons the most vulnerable of nations along with the world’s biologically rich tropical forests, continues a pattern of what international representatives call a “real lack of transparency” by the White House. Obama dismissed the UN’s criticisms of his unusual and undemocratic negotiating process as “cynicism” while declaring his unbinding document an “unprecedented breakthrough”. Obama’s document promises to funnel up to $100B a year through the UN Development Programme, widely known for its corruption. “The deal is a triumph of spin over substance,” said Jeremy Hobbs, executive director of Oxfam International, it “kicks back” on the issue of “climate cash”. Like the Nazis sending “6 million people into furnaces” in the Holocaust, Obama is condemning the world to wide-spread global warming deaths, other leaders pointed out. Meanwhile, outside in the cold, hundreds of European protesters chanted and carried signs of Obama with the word “shame” pasted on his face.

  • Skip says:

    Not a chance, CD. It’s waaaay too non-PC. BTW it’s also available as a free ebook here as part of Baen’s free library. Of course, Moe doesn’t get his Amazon kickback if you read it there, but I figured I’d mention it. It’s been a few years, well, almost 20, since I read it when it first came out.

    I hope within a few years the technology they used to make Avatar will be usable by folks like us with our desktop PCs – I suspect at the point when production costs get down enough you’ll see projects like this made by home folks.

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    At least you’re getting snow. All I got is rain here in Tidewater.

    I mean if your going to get precipitation, let it be FUN.

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