So, they’ve delayed Return to Ostagar for Dragon Age.

Well, that’s annoying.  So I guess that I’m going to come up with a area or two of my own. Blocking one out in my head now: I’m thinking of calling it Dragon Age




  • Joseph says:

    So what are you playing? After many restarts, I’ve settled in on a 2H warrior, along with 2H Sten, Shale in tank mode, and Wynn healing.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I used the same character for my first two runs (the second was to hit all the side quests that I missed the first time): Elven mage (arcane warrior/spirit healer), with Alistair as sword-and-board tank (champion/templar), Leiliana for lockpick/secondary fighter (bard/ranger), and Wynne as healer (spirit healer/arcane warrior). Dance with them that brought you, and all that: I expect that I’ll be keeping the W/R/M/M combo for my other two major characters. Interestingly, my planned romance options for either will not be adventuring with me, once I’ve gotten to the point where I can pick up Wynne.

      Assuming that I actually run through the adventure fully two more times. I may just do the last three intros, and then wait for more DLC to come out for my main character to run through.

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