Mayor Sheila Dixon (D) of Baltimore to resign.

(H/T: @leonwolf) About time, too.

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, the first woman to hold the city’s highest position, will officially resign her post as mayor.

A deal was reached in the case regarding her recent conviction and her future case involving perjury charges, 11 News I-Team reporter David Collins said Wednesday afternoon. Lawyers for Dixon and state prosecutors in her embezzlement trial spent time behind closed doors to discuss details of the deal.


She’ll also have to make a $45,000 donation to the Bea Gaddy Foundation and do 500 hours of community service with Our Daily Bread. According to the deal regarding the perjury charges, she’s agreed to sell the gifts she received from developers, including a fur coat and electronics she bought with gift cards, and give the proceeds to charity.

Since the article doesn’t want to spell it out, let me: she stole from poor kids. But she’ll keep her pension, all the same. This is, after all, Maryland – and she is, after all, a Democrat.  If that sounds cynical, please note that Ms. Dixon actually got complimented by a fellow-Democrat for ‘putting constituents first’ right after Ms. Dixon was convicted of stealing from them

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