Harold Ford politely declares war on Democratic Establishment.

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Glenn Reynolds and Kleinheider both focused on Ford’s unwillingness to take Obama’s direction on who should be the anointed junior Senator from New York, but the real hit there took place earlier:

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‘No Negro dialect.’ Admittedly, beating up on Harry Reid is fun – at this rate, I could run against him and win, and the only times I’ve ever been in Nevada was when I’ve flown over it – but it’s a sign of just how bad the year promises to be for the Democratic party*. After all, Reid is Senate Majority Leader.


Moe Lane

*Ford has promised that if “I am elected senator from New York, Harry Reid will not instruct me how to vote” – and you know? That’s looking like it’s going to be a really easy promise for him to make.


  • Joseph says:

    If I didn’t know better, and I don’t, I’d think you were a Tennessean, Moe.

  • Joseph says:

    Some of your pieces seem to be about TN politics (Harold Ford Jr., Bart Gordon, et al).

  • Joseph says:

    Heh. I won’t. He’s my soon-to-be ex-Congressman.

  • Sioux Lady says:

    Did Chris Tingles really say, “We have to lighten things up” when he has a light-skinned and dark-skinned Negro as guests? My, my, my . . .

  • Ron says:

    Harold Ford will vote in lockstep with the democratic leadership. This man has no experience at anything except being a politician that will say anything to get elected. Right now, that entails sounding as if he would be “independent” from the dem leadership. In a few days, or a few months, the atmosphere will change, and so will Mr. Ford.

  • Marshall says:

    I’d like to share with the world that I momentarily thought that Harrison Ford, the actor, was running for NY senate. Apparently, he’d made some disparaging remarks about Chicago and Miegs Field, which Mayor Dick Dailey took offense to. Glad I followed a link that informed me otherwise…

    What a great Clancy novel-made-movie that would have been. He could’ve done his own stunts.

  • AngelEyesGBU says:

    Did you notice Matthews’ final comment:

    “we have to lighten up this thing a little bit”


  • Jason says:

    If elected, it won’t be long before Ford will BE the Democratic leadership. He’s that much smarter than what’s up there now.

    It’s interesting what a love-hate relationship we have with the Ford family here in TN. For all the corruption from other family members, and his being a Democrat, we still kinda want to see the local boy succeed.

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  • wells says:

    Could you imagine how much better the world would have been if Ford had beaten out Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the house?

  • Ron says:

    speak for yourself, Harold Ford should not be allowed anywhere close to power.

  • Kaitian says:

    While I’m aware of the Ford Family, Ford Jr. sticks out as the odd man out of the family as different. He seems to be alot more talented and extremely knowledgeable of any given situation across the country especially during his time as a Congressman representing TN. If Clinton could run for Senate after like a couple months living in New York, why can’t Ford after 3 years? Unlike Obama, Ford doesn’t need a teleprompter or need to vote present.

  • MarkD says:

    The current junior Senator from NY seems to have morphed into a deer in the headlights. She went from an effective representative of her constituent’s interests upstate to a Chuck Schumer toady as soon as she was threatened with a primary challenge from LI wingbat Caroline Baloney.

    We’d be better off with Ford, even though his flip-flop on gay marriage leads me to question just how deep his principles go. We already know that the appointed is a wimp.

    May they be in the minority soon, for another couple of decades.

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