On the Haiti situation.

(Donations to the American Red Cross can be made here.)

Unlike Dan Collins, I’m not particularly sympathetic to the administration’s upcoming suffering of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune over Haitian relief delays (although I agree that said delays are largely outside of this administration’s control).  This would be because I don’t really expect that the people squirming under the world’s inexplicable refusal to stop resenting the USA even when the Democrats are running it will take the proper lesson – i.e., stop freaking caring so freaking much.  Instead, they will probably revert to type and bitterly and impotently fume that the current President (not being a total idiot) called in former President George W Bush for help with the relief efforts*.

So, really, I don’t see any reason to show any nonreciprocal niceness about it.

Moe Lane

*As I had foreseen.

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