VA-08: 44/41 Moran/Berry (Caveats).

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Said caveats are: Internal poll, D+16 district, and Moran’s still ahead by three.  But a 44/41 Moran/Berry split at this stage is still noteworthy: add five points to Moran’s total and he still polls under 50% – which means that he’s vulnerable.  I don’t mind seeing a 40/38 split on ‘try somebody new’/’keep Moran,’ either.

Post-Massachusetts, it’s no longer reasonable to assume that anybody on the Democratic side is too safe to be defeated: so keep an eye on this race.  I’ve mentioned Matthew Berry before: if I was in his district I’d probably be supporting him in the primary right now, not least because he’s been engaging the new social media (which is a pretentious way of saying ‘he’s actively working to get support’).  And I can’t [expletive deleted] stand Jim [expletive deleted] Moran.  Watching that particular corrupt, anti-Semitic suckweasel go down in flames on Election Night would be a better present than a pony, and I’ve always wanted a pony.

Moe Lane

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  • What the poll did not point out, was that there are 4 other candidates besides Berry in the Republican primary. In any head to head poll, like Berry ran, it isn’t so much that the Republican candidate is so good as it is that Jim Moran is so disliked. I would bet that you could put any one of the 5 nominees into that same poll at get very near the same results.

  • CHAI says:

    I live in Moran’s district and many of us refer to him as Jim Moron. Wrote his office and him emails during the heated part of the healthcare debate and he never bothered to respond. Hmmmm…. I think I could run my dog for his spot and the dog could get elected. Arrogant…clueless… whatever…

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