#rsrh TNR should just Embrace the Hate, already.

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So, The New Republic wants to post an article on the oh-so-beleaguered moderates in the Tea Party movement (translation: they’re trying to foment a schism in said movement, because otherwise next January they’re going to abruptly have a shortage of politicians who care about what The New Republic thinks about everything). Via Ann Althouse (H/T: Instapundit) comes the first picture that they associated with the article: a man putting two teabags in his mouth.

…and via me comes the second picture that they associated with said article: a pitchfork being used as a sign.

Yes. They went from ‘sex’ to ‘violence,’ but the message remains the same to The New Republic‘s readers: these people in the Tea Party are the Other.  Embrace the Democrat. Which is their privilege, but they shouldn’t pretend to be some sort of objective observer of the whole thing when what they actually want to do is protect the interests of the Democratic party.

Just saying.

Moe Lane

PS: Also, The New Republic should grow the heck up.


  • Yehudit says:

    The girl who wrote that article is an undergraduate intern. I was subject to her snarky attitude in the article she wrote about the 9-12 march in DC. This article was more mature, but yeah, they should grow up.

  • pst314 says:

    TNR, when it was founded, was a cheerleader for Mussolini and other fascists. They’re just returning to their roots.

  • NaSa says:

    Why does any one expect a leftist rag like TNR to play fair? Their entire philosophy is based on the ends justifying the means.

    YES, they are trying to cover the jackasses of the party of jackasses – no i am not at all surprised by the way they smear their opponents – its futile to expect any decency from them.

  • setnaffa says:

    Why should one expect a leftist to be anything other than offensive to anyone who loves freedom?

  • Lurking Observer says:

    While I absolutely agree that TNR is trying to influence its readership, and to do so in a way that opposes the Tea Party movement, it should be noted that TNR is not the New York Times or the Washington Post, or even Time or Newsweek.

    That is, it is a magazine that is devoted to opinions and not news. Consequently, it is under no obligation to be objective. And, to be fair, I’m not sure that they’ve ever presented themselves as being any more objective than The Nation, The National Review, or Mother Jones.

  • Jeff says:

    I say have 1,000 drivers decend on DC and have a “breakdown” at busy intersections and call for a tow. When the truck arrives miraculusly manage to get your car to start again, rinse, repeat all day long. Start at the morning rush hour and repeat at the evening rush hour.

  • megapotamus says:

    On pitchforks: just weeks ago a Probamacare rally, of course featured pitchforks. I think it should have really been sicles, since they were explicitly there to harvest the heads of the Insurance Enemy. Of course in that case it was a safe and sane practice as these people are paid protest professionals, not kooks and hillbilliies. But let’s keep TNR on the respirator for a while. When Rahm called out “Farging retards!” these are the morons he was talking about and for once, god bless ‘im, he was really onto something.

  • templar knight says:

    The New Republic’s first photo to illustrate the article shows a gay guy doing the teabag thing, and the second photo depicts violence. It looks to me like they got the photos of an article on Democrats mixed up with the tea party article. Those silly interns!

  • PeterM says:

    The New Republic wants to protect the interests of the Democratic Party because they want to protect the interests of the New Republic.

  • Jim,MtnViewCA,USA says:

    Why is it that a so-called Progressive who would _never_ utter the word n*gger, will be positively potty-mouthed when it comes to saying teab*gger?

  • PTL says:

    What do you expect from people who admired Mussolini,Stalin,Mao. Remember, Ayres wanted 25 million
    American dead. Well, he’s got his wish with Obamacare.
    Remember the left loves humanity, it’s people they hate.

  • Jonathan W. says:

    I’m always curious as to why anyone (yes, you too, Moe..) takes TNR seriously.
    Just look at the alumni, any of which in isolation could be an oddity, but lets exhume just a few of the lowlights.

    Michael Straight – Editor, discoverd to be a KGB recruit.
    Stephan Glass – Writer for TNR, fabulist extraordinaire.
    Ruth Shalit – Writer for TNR, fired for plagarism.
    Jason Zengerle – Writer, master astroturf technician.
    Scott Thomas Beauchamp – Another massive fact-check failure. Beauchamp, for those that don’t remember was a soldier who fabricated stories about the troops still fighting in Iraq, endangering lives with his lies.

    Given their record, the TNR looks more like an incubator for psychopaths.

  • Andy Freeman says:

    Are you sure that TNR isn’t jealous because they weren’t asked to tea-bag?

    Also, as Reynolds puts it, when did the left get so sex-negative?

  • Mahon says:

    The tea-bag picture was astonishing. It was only 5-10 years ago that TNR was an interesting and respectable magazine. It was left-of-center, but not uniformly (they supported the Iraq war) and not without considerable intellectual integrity. It was following the most recent (?) change in executive editor that they returned, as said above, to their “progressive” roots. I hung in as a subscriber because of the value of the back-of-the-book cultural coverage, but gave up about the time of Beauchamp. Too bad; they filled a valuable niche.

  • Jim C. says:

    Jim,MtnViewCA,USA says: “Why is it that a so-called Progressive who would _never_ utter the word n*gger, will be positively potty-mouthed when it comes to saying teab*gger?”

    What, never? Well, hardly ever. Remember the Prop 8 protests? There were reports of the n-word being thrown by gays at Christian blacks for supporting to the measure.

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