#rsrh DC a ‘national blight’?

Jim’s being unfair.  To national blights.

This paragraph from Jim Geraghty – larger topic: Charlie Crist’s unforced errors – resonates beyond Crist’s apparent decision to decay his orbit and burn up in the upper atmosphere:

Many Americans see Washington, D.C., as a national blight combining the high morals of late imperial Rome, the good character and widespread honesty of post–Cold War Moscow, the financial restraint of modern Athens, and the respectful modesty of Beijing — and Crist is running on the message that he can work well with everyone who’s already there.

Well, it seemed like a good idea in 2008.  That’s going to be on a lot of political gravestones, by the way; mostly Democratic ones, but Crist is apparently willing to volunteer for one last bout of ‘bipartisanship’ in that regard.