Ah, Robin Carnahan? Nothing ever goes away.

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On the Internet, that is. So, when the Blunt campaign (accurately) notes that you were ““a banking executive” in Washington at the government’s Export-Import Bank,” and you argue instead that your “position in the 1990s was assistant to the chairman” – thus suggesting that you were in fact not a real “banking executive” – here’s some places that you should try to get sanitized:

This would normally be a minor little matter, except of course that Ms. Carnahan seems to be quite upset that the opposition is making what is actually a widely held observation, including among her ideological compatriots. It is not exactly Roy Blunt’s – or any other Republican’s, really – fault that ‘banking executive’ is rapidly taking on connotations normally associated with ‘pond scum’…

Moe Lane

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One thought on “Ah, Robin Carnahan? Nothing ever goes away.”

  1. Hey now, be nice to pond scum. It, at least, serves a useful purpose in the ecosystem. Carnahan? Not so much.

    (Yes, I know it’s an old joke, but really now: is she worth more effort than that?)

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