#rsrh QotD, Journolist edition.

Epic geek FAIL.

All right you prinitive JournoList screwheads, listen up. If you’re going to reference ineffective eye protection, the quote you are looking for is, “My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”. And it’s not “it makes God cry” and “kill a puppy”. It’s “it makes the Baby Jesus cry” and “kill a kitten”. Holy crapweasel, people! If you’re going to reference hentai, can you at least do the rest of the geek world proud and square everything else away? You might as well have written “All your basses are mine” and “I can haves cheeseburg”, while you were mangling proper geek catchphrases. You lose! Good day, Sirs!

Seriously, I’m with Jimmie Bise here. I know, of course, that the majestic example that I – and Jimmie, of course – provides in the sexy, sexy niche of politics/geek blogging is going to spawn imitators and would-be acolytes.  But remember: we’re professionals.  Jimmie’s been doing this for six years and I’ve been doing it for eight.  If we make it look easy enough that it makes a bunch of Left-bloggers and journalists think that they can play at our level… well, we’re probably more or less sorry about it.


Moe Lane

PS: For the love of God, buy something already?  Amazon.com referrals are rapidly becoming my only source of income that isn’t being gatekeepered by my wife.

…Yes, that means that people on the Right-sphere who need your help take precedence.  Dammit, other people can brazenly rattle the tip jar without feeling guilty about it; why can’t I?

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