‘How to talk to a liberal?’

You mean, about politics and stuff?  Oh, that’s easy:


Seriously, I have no expectations of changing any of my liberal friends’ – several of whom read this blog – minds on any topic.  In fact, I only get into political discussions offline with people that I know damned well, and preferably on topics where we’re all in general agreement on the broad outlines anyway.  I only get into political arguments with my mom, because I know that she enjoys getting my goat on it and she’s not going to let politics get in the way of her grandkids*.  And I’m not the sort to hang out with people who espouse pedestrian, dreary conspiracy theories (and all political conspiracy theories are dreary and pedestrian, unless they involve Rod Blagojevich).

Admittedly, I have it easy: no 9-to-5 job, most of my relatives are out of state, my in-laws are generally more conservative than my blood relations, my offline hobbies are libertarian-friendly, and it’s not like I can un-torpedo what I laughingly called my ‘RPG writing career**’ anyway.  But there’s something to be said for not succumbing to the missionary impulse when it comes to one’s friends and relations.  Or, for that matter, gloating.  Especially gloating: these days, it’s usually because things got worse, right on cue…

Moe Lane

*Indeed, she encourages my political activism, because more political activism = more grandchildren time.

**More like slightly organized gaming fanboy-ism, with the occasional playtest credit.  The business is none the worse for my absence, that’s for certain.

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