Paul Ryan guts Chris Matthews.

Yeah, I know.  This is news?

I don’t like to encourage taking Chris Matthews seriously… and I guess that I’m not doing that here, either.  God knows that Rep. Paul Ryan (R) didn’t particularly raise a sweat in making both Matthews and Rep. Joe Crowley (D) look like dolts:

The ref should have stepped in and stopped that fight, huh? Crowley should be particularly incensed, given that he got knocked down by the spillover. I mean, really: by the time it was over Rep. Crowley was effectively bragging that his district was too poor to support small businesses that were successful enough to be affected by the tax rollback. That’s either… stupid, or ignorant; take your pick, they’re about equally unflattering to Crowley’s mother-wit.

Speaking of stupid and ignorant, did not somebody tell Matthews that Rep. Ryan was bitten by a radioactive copy of the budgetary process?  – because Ryan does this sort of thing all the time, and you really don’t want to tangle with him on anything fiscally-related unless you’ve done your homework beforehand.  Let me (via Newsbusters, via Hot Air) give you a taste of how badly Matthews was raked over the coals:

MATTHEWS: So, in other words, all this bitching about the deficit doesn’t mean squat, because you won’t do either, raise taxes or reduce spending.

RYAN: Let me answer it, then.

MATTHEWS: Neither one.

RYAN: This year, Congress isn’t even doing a budget, but, last year, when we did a budget, I brought a budget to the floor that specifically cut $4.8 trillion of spending out of the budget and paid for all of these tax cuts and debt reduction. Two months ago, we put out $1.3 trillion in very specifically listed and enumerated spending cuts. So, I can go on with you on cuts. I can show you all the kinds of cuts.

MATTHEWS: But that’s one-three hundredth (ph) of the deficit. That’s 0.3 of 1 percent you’ve talked about.

RYAN: Four-point-eight trillion dollars is not .3 of 1 percent of the deficit.

And that wasn’t even the best part.  Watch the whole thing; it’s a treat.

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11 thoughts on “Paul Ryan guts Chris Matthews.”

  1. Paul Ryan for President in 2012.

    His wikipedia photo looks a lot like a young JFK.

  2. And I’m not saying that he should be president because he looks like a young JFK. I think he should be president because he has good ideas.

  3. You can tell that Ryan is clearly enjoying himself and Matthews, dolt that he is, just keeps setting himself up to be knocked down.

  4. I watched this yesterday and loving every minute of it. Every conservative blogger out there should be posting this video.

    Why the hell isn’t Ryan being discussed as a serious contender for the 2012 POTUS race? He would run circles around Obama.

    1. Because in 2012 he’ll be only 42 and we need him to have at least one term as WS governor for the executive experience. We’d be a lot better off if the Democrats hadn’t force-grown the current hothouse flower occupying the White House.

  5. For some reason, Ryan’s point that the vast majority of the evil rich that the Democrats want to punish are small business owners who file as individuals is something I hardly hear from other Republicans – it’s almost as if they’re afraid that this would make them unpopular with their Democratic colleagues.

    Good on Paul Ryan for so clearly and *forcefully* making that point – I’m pretty certain neither Matthews nor Crowley appreciated it.

  6. Paul Ryan is definitely the most educated person among the three of them!

    The Democrats fear Ryan’s knowledge and his Road Map so much that they’re trying everything that they can think of to try to discredit him.

    His ideas WILL work!!

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