Meet Bruce O’Donoghue (R CAND, FL-08).

Bruce is one of several candidates looking for the opportunity to be the one who gets to escort Alan Grayson back to private life, and he chatted with RedState this afternoon:

The primary is next month; Bruce’s website is here.

Moe Lane

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3 thoughts on “Meet Bruce O’Donoghue (R CAND, FL-08).”

  1. Moe
    O,Donoghue is anice guy, but the leading candidate in FL-08 is Patricia Sullivan. Patricia is a dedicated Conservative, a home schooling Mother of three who found the time to found The Tea Party of Lake County and has been active in many other orgs, to bring limited government to our country. Her legion of supporters are enthusiasticly knocking on district 8 doors on her behalf.
    Check Patricia out at
    Im sure she would love to be interviewed!
    Glenn Beebe

    1. Actually, I have interviewed Patricia Sullivan. Also, trying to hijack primary candidate posts with comments about other primary candidates doesn’t actually work. It only annoys the people who put up the post in the first place.

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