Why we bought two extra ninja bunny-bears.

The loss of a pet stuffed animal can be traumatic, so we picked up two spares of the original ninja bunny bear that my eldest bonded to.  Just to avoid situations like this:

It was a fortnight ago that the toy, better known to his young owner as Bubba Cat, got lost during a family trip to Thorpeness in Suffolk.

When teashop owner Liz Everett was handed Bubba by a customer, she launched a Facebook group entitled ‘I’m lost. Help me find my family’ in a bid to reunite the furry feline with Ned. It soon attracted more than 9,000 fans.


Ned’s family soon came forward and Bubba’s – so called because the toddler couldn’t pronounce ‘baby’ – journey back to Northiam, near Rye in East Sussex, began.

Sure, happy ending – but the article didn’t mention the screaming. And oh, my, yes, no doubt there was screaming.

Moe Lane

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