Meet Sandy Adams (R CAND, FL-24).

Sandy is running against Suzanne Kosmas, who has been busy these last couple of years in utterly [failing to prevent*] the administration from gutting manned space exploration. Sandy has a moneybomb going on today and tomorrow, so we talked briefly about her race:

Sandy’s main site is here; the moneybomb site is here. [FL]-24 is definitely gettable for the GOP, but you have to speculate to accumulate.

Moe Lane

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[*Yes, kind of important revision, there.]

[Geez, what’s wrong with me today?]

3 thoughts on “Meet Sandy Adams (R CAND, FL-24).”

  1. 1) It’s FL-24, I reckon. NY-24 is rather colder, and there’s very little NASA there.

    2) You need to check with Rand Simberg before you go off the rails about space policy. For short: Obama wants to continue George W. Bush’s policy of getting NASA out of the pork business and into supporting private space. It’s one of the few places it’s possible to agree with the jerk, and that’s because he’s not the one who thought it up.


    1. 1). Fixed the State. Thanks.
      2). Kai Rand Simberg, of course, but Obama cares about good space policy about as much as my pet cat does, and I don’t have a cat.

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