#rsrh QotD, ‘It’s a HORSE FILM’ edition.

John Nolte (via Ed Driscoll), on a Salon review of new Disney flick Secretariat that reads like someone had lost a bet:

Wow! Cross burning, xenophobia, Leni Riefenstahl, master-race, and whiteness and power, all in a review of a harmless little family flick about a horse. There’s part of me that admires O’Hehir’s ability to summon that kind of rage. Where was he when I couldn’t pull those grocery carts apart?

John’s not kidding; all of those terms are in the review.  Apparently, in this flick Secretariat was a member of ODESSA* – which, ironically, would have made me more likely to watch the film if only the director had had the courage to pursue his inner vision to such an extent.  Or something like that.

Moe Lane

*The Odessa File was actually pretty good, for a potboiler.

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