#rsrh The Dave Barry 2010 year in review…

…is out, and it’s (as usual) good.  A taste:

Let’s put this year into a full-body scanner and check out its junk, starting with…


…which begins grimly, with the pesky unemployment rate remaining high. Every poll shows that the major concerns of the American people are federal spending, the exploding deficit, and — above all — jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs: This is what the public is worried about. In a word, the big issue is: jobs. So the Obama administration, displaying the keen awareness that has become its trademark, decides to focus like a laser on: health-care reform. The centerpiece of this effort is a historic bill that will either (a) guarantee everybody excellent free health care, or (b) permit federal bureaucrats to club old people to death. Nobody knows which, because nobody has read the bill, which in printed form has the same mass as a UPS truck.

I miss his blogging.

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  • Dan Cleary says:

    Print It Out and Laminate It: Dave Barry’s 2010 Year in Review…

    Interesting tidbit from this epic must-read-twice column: There apparently was a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010! I had nearly forgotten all about that – probably because the terms “Deepwater Horizon”, “Gulf oil disaster”, and “Obama…

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