Utter Video Game Trailer FAIL.

You expect me to play this game (Dead Island) after that?  [Warning: video below NSFW]

I’m too busy crying.

Via AofSHQ Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t get me wrong: I know damn well that the zombie genre has always had bad things happening to kids in it, because horror is all about pushing people’s fear buttons, and for most people GET AWAY FROM MY CHILD is a big honking red button with blinking arrows pointing to it.  I especially know this, now that I’m a parent.  But, like this guy, I found watching that trailer… tough.  Not because it’s manipulative – again, you want horror to be manipulative – but because it’s too artistically successful at being manipulative.  Or something.

You’ll notice that I’m not linking to a site where you can buy the game, either.


  • froste says:

    I’m in the same boat here…I make video games for a living, and even though I see grisly trailers and game footage all day long – even I won’t be picking that one up.

    Heavy Rain (though not a zombie game) had a seriously somber mood and made you care about the characters, this thing made me just want to look away.

  • NickLevi86 says:

    Wow. I felt like I was watching a Greek Tragedy, not a horror flick. Depressing does not equal scary.

  • A Z R says:

    Moe, they just released a terrible, terrible remake of Marvel Vs Capcom. It’s awful. It’s much more offensive than this video game trailer.

    I dunno, zombie games are so played that they needed something to cut through the noise. I think it’s an effective ad as far as that goes. You noticed it, for example.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      It’s not that I find it per se offensive, A Z R: after all, this is a genre that has Bad Things Happen To Everybody embodied in its core principles. It’s just that I never want to play an interactive game where I have to watch a scenario like the trailer inevitably unfold. I like heroing: hell, I couldn’t even let the goram Council die in Mass Effect die after they had been riding my ass for multiple missions, and I had been looking forward to them getting themselves killed off for not listening to me.

  • jetty says:

    I only made it to the 0:47 mark, for the same reason that I only got to page 40 in “The Road”. As a father, I just can’t think about such things.

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