OK, so the UPS guy can come any minute now…

…not that I’m waiting or anything…

[Baseball “Charge!” doorbell from the last owners that I’ve never bothered to change]

Is this my Dragon Age 2 – Bioware Signature Edition?

Noooo.  It’s Rough Magicks.  Dammit!  Also: YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

So… tick.  Tick.  Tick…

[Baseball “Charge!” doorbell]

Is this my Dragon Age 2 – Bioware Signature Edition?

Noooo.  It’s my wife’s regular copy.  Which she called to ask about; she’ll be happy to see it at least…

[Baseball “Charge!” doorbell]

I hate that thing.

Dare I hope that this is my Dragon Age 2 – Bioware Signature Edition?  I mean, after all, I ordered a couple of DVDs and Thomas the Tank Engine things for an upcoming birthday…


Moe Lane

PS: Now all I have to do is wait for the patch.


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    I think the hi-res texture pack is out already, but I guess you’re merely anticipating a fair assortment of launch day bugs. 🙂

    I am awaiting my 360 copy at home. I am a slave to achievements, if DA2 had Steam achievements… I would likely have bought that.

    Plus the 360 version.

  • countrydoc says:

    I never buy a game until at least 1 patch has been put out. Saves on frustration. As for me, I am frustrating myself with CoD: Black Ops. Maybe I’m just getting too old for these flicker kind of games.

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