#rsrh Obamacare losing Starbucks?

Oops.  In its way, it’s very much a baby step, but it’s beginning to dawn on Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz that 2014 is getting closer and closer – and with it comes a regulatory regime that includes health care mandates that are going to put “too great” a pressure on small businesses.  This might even be a principled position of Schultz: I assumed at first that he’s worried about how Starbucks franchises would get hammered by increased health care costs, but it turns out that Starbucks doesn’t actually have franchises*.  Which means that Schultz could solve the whole problem personally by having Starbucks apply for a waiver.

I mean, why not?  Everybody else is.

(via @amandacarpenter)

Moe Lane

PS: I still don’t like their coffee, but that’s probably not their fault.

*They admittedly have a franchise system for Seattle’s Best Coffee, but Starbucks is the primary earner here.

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