So. New Mass Effect 2 DLC.

I somehow missed that “The Arrival” was due to, err, arrive for Mass Effect 2 until the notification that it was now for sale appeared in my inbox last night.  So, being pretty much useless today for anything requiring actual sentience I bought, downloaded and played it.

Short version: not bad, but not “Lair of the Shadow Broker.”  It ties into the upcoming Mass Effect 3 better than DA:O’s “Witch Hunt” ended up tying into Dragon Age 2.  Worth the seven bucks for Admiral Hackett, a surprisingly difficult (at-first) … [spoilers below fold]

…wrinkle (this is generally a solo mission*), and a rather mordant, yet entertaining Easter Egg that you only get if you let a particular in-game timer actually spend a half hour counting down to zero.

Moe Lane

*Unfortunately, the Idiot Plot is strong in this one.

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  • Skip says:

    I was debating buying it – I’m actually just finishing up my first playthrough of ME2 at the moment. I guess I’ll wait until at least one playthrough done to do so.

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