#rsrh Great Googley Moogley… it is APRIL, ABC News.

It is April of 2011.  We do not actually need to have everybody and his/her brother/sister declaring for the freaking Republican nomination, simply because Barack Obama needed to declare as early as possible that he was running so that he can get a head start on raising money.

I understand that you’re bored with Obama already, ABC – even if you’d rather gargle lava than admit it.  But that’s not my party’s fault. We’ll get around to having a nomination race on our own terms, and in our own sweet time.  Until then, go report on inflation/Syria/high energy prices/high food prices/unemployment… ah.  I see the problem, there.


Moe Lane

PS: And if you don’t like reporting on Donald Trump, well, stop.


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  • Murgatroyd says:

    For two decades I’ve been telling myself at each election cycle, “Well, this is it — the major media have hit rock bottom in their partisanship. They can’t shill for the Left any more blatantly than they’re doing right now.” Hah! I shudder to think what the next sixteen months will be like — or the next six years, if a Republican wins the White House.

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