Brit arrested for performing ‘Kung Fu Fighting.’

…Wait.  What?

Pub singer arrested for racism after Chinese passers-by hear him perform Kung Fu Fighting

…and that’s pretty much the article, right there.  Jimmie Bise (who is on Hot Air duty this week) approves on aesthetic grounds (the guy who got arrested is a keytar player*), but not on freedom of expression ones.  Personally, I’m happy to have a written Constitution with a reasonably rock-solid freedom-of-speech clause… yes, yes, I’m sure that you have seven billion outrageously outraged (to quote Hot Air again) examples otherwise.  Still, I can put this up:

…without worrying about a knock on the door.

Moe Lane

*I believe that it’s been long-established that I have no shame.

6 thoughts on “Brit arrested for performing ‘Kung Fu Fighting.’”

  1. Just so I don’t get all the hate mail, I don’t *really* want people to go to the poke for singing bad disco songs.

    Okay…maybe for that Pina Colada song. And “Afternoon Delight”. But only those!

  2. ANYTHING Englebert Humperdinck or Zamfir (Master of the Pan Flute!); gotta do HARD time.

    But (not so) seriously, the “Pina Colada” reference in Shrek? Awesome.

  3. What about “Come Sail Away”?

    Did you know Amazon has a CD with 18 remixes of “Kung Fu Fighting”?

  4. I do have to say a word in defense of the lounge singer. Long ago, while I was in college, some classmates and I were grabbing lunch at the local Subway. A fellow came over and said:

    “Sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear you. You’re engineering students, right? Well, I want to thank you. I make my living playing music, on instruments that wouldn’t exist without people like you.”

    True story, and a moment that has left me with a soft spot for lounge singers, if not their performances.

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