‘The Muppets’ Trailer.

I am… not entirely certain that I approve of this.  Or disapprove.


Watching post-Jim Henson Muppets has always been… hard.  But there is something there.


  • Aruges says:

    Saw this trailer when the Wife and I went to see “Stranger Tides”. At first I felt nothing… then for some reason, I got angry. I’m not entirely sure why.

  • BigGator5 says:

    I approve. The Muppets’ shorts on YouTube are really great. I mean, did you NOT see their take on Bohemian Rhapsody? Or how they made Stand By Me a dark Easter Classic? They also made several Statler & Waldorf shorts heckling the internet, which you can use! So I’m personally excited about this movie!

  • Kimberly Marvel says:

    You are absolutely right that watching the Muppets after Jim Henson is “hard”. But the Muppets have such an appeal that is difficult to overcome. I find that I have to watch the new movies when they come out, if only to see if they still have most of the original magic. I do happen to believe that it was one of the smartest moves by Disney to purchase their franchise and this is what makes it possible to still see new movies with them in it. The history of the original Muppets was no real budget because they were surprised at the number of people actually watching them. So the humor was for themselves and now it’s more for the audience. I think this is the difference from the “Jim Henson Factor” versus today’s Muppets.

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