#rsrh Hi, @jesseclee44! Enjoying my tax money?

Of course you are: you’re a Democrat.

Anyway, I’m given to understand that your job with the federal government is going to be to wander the Internet looking for people who are willing to say in public* that your boss President Barack Obama is a petulant man-child with delusions of adequacy and a profession skill set incapable of organizing an orgy in a bordello; presumably at that point you will quote-unquote ‘do battle’ with them, a la Terminator style.  Speaking as one of the @RedState folks, I’m sure that my posts will result in you engaging in highly entertaining flailing about…

…which I will never, ever actually see, given that as soon as the title of this post hits my Tweetdeck I’m just going to block your sorry ass anyway.  Because that’s the great thing about Twitter: you can only troll me if I let you.  That’s why the Online Right moved onto it en masse: it’s a perfect dispersed communications medium for decentralized networks of activists and information providers.  And that’s why trying to impose a top-down solution like Jesse Lee is pretty much doomed to failure from the get-go.

But I suppose that you get the last laugh: after all, you’re being paid to be an Internet troll on my dime.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, I wrote the post mostly to get the Amazon.com link in.  It’s been a slooooooooow month in that regard.

*More of us every day.

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    1. Yeah; and if it was one… I’d still be sneering at it, probably. But I’d have a lot less of a legitimate reason for doing so. 🙂

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