The Democrats’ new laser-like focus on jobs… HEY!


Hey, guess what? The Democrats plan to focus on jobs! (Via Ace of Spades)  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… what, you have?

A lot?

Are you sure?

(Note: all unemployment rate numbers are from here and here).

Well.  I guess that you were.  I suppose that this commentary from Joe Biden back in October 2008…

…says it all, really.

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6 thoughts on “The Democrats’ new laser-like focus on jobs… HEY!”

  1. I definitely Obama is concerned about jobs, in the following respect:

    With an increased Debt Ceiling, Obama will get his hands on more money, which can be used to add jobs – government jobs that pay more than twice what private industry pays – and get them unionized so that union dues can be collected to be fed back into Obama’s 2012 campaign. And it goes round and round and round…


  2. Obama meant blowjobs…
    what else could he mean

    you thought he meant jobs?
    Nah, he’s never even worked a job or even knows what one is, let alone how to create them. or what purpose they serve.

    That’s what the stimulus money is focused on blowjobs…
    because most normal women won’t reproduce with a braindead liberal.

    that’s 0bama’s focus: a blowjob from Bill Clinton …and then from Allah.

    1. While this is a looser site than RedState when it comes to the comments section, I find language like this personally offensive, RS. Do not indulge in it again here.

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