“Our fathers, the Britons.”

What?  Oh, I certainly hope that the use of that phrase infuriates the cultural relativists: it’s largely because of them that we’re seeing rioting in Great Britain right now (well, that and the straight-up bigotry of low expectations racism that’s a good deal more prevalent among the Left than the Left perhaps would care to admit, or even acknowledge).  Frankly, I am all about cultural imperialism.  More accurately, I am all about my culture’s cultural imperialism.  It’s nothing personal: we’re just better than everybody else.

But I digress.

Anyway, it’s said that good fences make good neighbors; turns out that good neighbors make one heck of a good fence, too.  Particularly when they’ve just embraced the hot new fad of American-style baseball.  Or just come from their place of work so quickly that they completely forgot to put down their kebab doner knives.  Or whatever creative excuse that the Brits are coming up with to be standing around in groups with a wide variety of hand weapons.

Debbie Mumdy, 41, who lives nearby, said: “Most of the residents are really relieved that the Turkish community has been protecting the area. It’s thanks to these guys that Kingsland High Street wasn’t attacked.”


In his coffee shop in Stoke Newington, [Yilmaz] Karagoz tried to explain another feature of these riots – why Turkish and Kurdish youths had generally not joined the looting.

“We have businesses and work hard for what we have. As parents we want our children to work, earn money and be able to buy what they want, not steal it. Our young people know we would be ashamed of them if they were doing this.”

Turns out that property and business owners take peace and stability a hell of a lot more seriously than do… I believe that the theological term is “lumpen-proletariat?”  Also turns out that people with a tangible stake in society tend to want their kids to buy into that, too.

I’d say “Who knew?” – except that, well, I did.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on ““Our fathers, the Britons.””

  1. Of course, the British response to all of this is probably going to be to restrict the sales of bats. Can’t have the proles able to fend for themselves, now.

  2. I’m happy to see that not all of the Brits are cowering in the corner while this is going on.

  3. The funny thing to me? The Turkish Kurds defending their neighborhoods are the closest embodiment of the spirit of the British during the WWII. I’m glad to see some of the newer-comers decided to defend the culture that the natives are so willing to let go.

  4. “I’m glad to see some of the newer-comers decided to defend the culture that the natives are so willing to let go.”

    They defended their property; no sign they’d defend the culture.

  5. I agree with Rob here. They were defending themselves, not the UK.
    Also, just so you understand me, that video is to show the fally of true peace. Rewatch The Simpson’s Treehouse Of Horror II.

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