#rsrh CA Left demands working class pay more sales taxes!

Wait.  What?

A coalition of groups that advocate for the elderly and poor are urging California online shoppers to boycott because of its refusal to collect state sales tax on purchases made through the website.

…Entertaining, isn’t it?  After all, actual elderly and poor people (as opposed to the parasitical organizations that ‘organize’ on their behalf)  will continue buy stuff on largely for the deals… and to effectively avoid paying sales tax.  Sure, you still have to, anyway – technically.  But no politician with a measurable IQ wants to start arresting people for evading sales tax on online purchases, because that’s a quick way to become a former politician.  And if the Democrats – it’s typically the Democrats who can’t seem to instinctively understand the cold logic involved here – could convince a sufficient number of people that they want to voluntarily pay their sales tax then they wouldn’t be trying to get to do it for them.

So I guess that the boycotters are kind of, well, stuck there.

Via Instapundit, who has… suspicions 0n who’s paying for all of this.

Moe Lane

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