#rsrh QotD, Wait, They Went After A DEMOCRAT? edition.

ABC News, asking one of those questions that kind of assumes that the answer is already known, but merely needs to be revealed.  One caustic drop at a time.

“Did a half billion dollars of your tax payer money go to a company certain to fail? And why?”

…Yeah, those conversations rarely end well.  Background on the ongoing Solyndra debacle here: short version is that the White House deliberately pushed for loans – and let me say the magical words of DOOM, here: “WITHOUT DUE DILLIGENCE” – for a greentech company that they knew was busily going bankrupt.  Half a billion bucks down the rathole, paper trail out the front door, and the scalping knives are out.

Should be a thing.

Moe Lane

PS: You’re probably muttering something right now about how this will distract from, say, Operation Fast & Furious (by the way, BATFE just had to admit that walked guns have been linked to three more murders).  Au contraire: this merely means that Energy & Commerce is going to be ‘competing’ with Oversight & Government reform for headlines.  I note ‘competing’ because, really, there’s room for both.

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