Jonathan Bryant calls George Rodriguez a Nazi.

Jonathan Bryant is a teacher for the San Antonio Edgewood Independent School District; George Rodriguez is the president of the San Antonio Tea Party.  The video is below.

More details here… which do not include Jonathan Bryant’s name, although they were happy to include George’s.  The teacher, by the way, will not be be subject for discipline by his school district for calling Rodriguez a Nazi; there’s not even an indication that Jonathan Bryant was required, or will be required, to apologize for his language.  Well, you know how it is with liberal academics.  They’ve long discovered that they can say whatever they like to conservative minorities (or perceived conservative minorities), and nobody on their side will say boo.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: The ironic bit?  George Rodriguez would probably consider me to be a pro-amnesty squish.  Only he’d probably get more flack for calling someone that in public than Jonathan Bryant has gotten so far for accusing Rodriguez of pro-genocide.

2 thoughts on “Jonathan Bryant calls George Rodriguez a Nazi.”

  1. WEll there you go. There is no constructive discussion by the liberal teacher. He had to go right for the word Nazi. And he had to bring in his army of students to prop him up. Surprised they weren’t all wearing brown shirts. Who’s calling the kettle black?

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