RS Interview: Ovide Lamontagne (R CAND, NH-GOV PRI).

This should have been up yesterday, but the various technical breakdowns that I was having were fairly epic.  Anyway: you probably remember Ovide Lamontagne as being a NH Senate Republican primary candidate in 2010… and for graciously conceding the race when he lost the primary, which may have well saved the GOP that seat in the general election.  At any rate, he’s currently the only Republican candidate in the NH-GOV primary, and we spoke yesterday about the race and his plans for the campaign.

Ovide’s campaign site is here.  Just as a reminder: January’s NH Presidential primary is distinct from the state’s other primaries, which will all take place in September of 2012.  Also a reminder: New Hampshire elects governors to two-year terms (current Democratic governor John Lynch has… declined… to run for re-election).

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3 thoughts on “RS Interview: Ovide Lamontagne (R CAND, NH-GOV PRI).”

  1. Lynch’s challengers have been grossly underfunded up here; it’s good to see Ovide throwing his hat in the ring again. He has two almost-but-not-quite-but-coming-out-of-nowhere-to-make-it-close runs at political office under his belt (the Ayotte challenge you mentioned and and last minute entry in the gubernatorial race in the nineties when the incumbent bowed out at the last minute), he’s personally well liked, well connected and should have decent name recognition. Good luck (and perhaps my vote) to him.

  2. I love this man just because of his name. First of all, what a great name – Ovide Lamontagne – don’t you just want to say it over and over again? I do. And I do.

    Secondly, being from the great NYC metropolitan area, OF COURSE I though he was Haitian.

    To me it was much more familiar to think of some Hatian immigrant running on a Tea Party line (yes even in New Hampshire) than to remember, oh yeah, we got WHITE French-Americans too.

    I just about fell out when I saw this fellow was white.

    So, I gotta love him.

    VIVE OVIDE! I’ll send you money if I even have any ever again. Don’t wait for me.

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