Wisconsin Democrats voting the graveyard on Walker recall*?

[UPDATE] Before anybody starts complaining that I shouldn’t have taken this calendar entry seriously, I’d just like to note: as of 10:54 AM EST, so did up to 71 Wisconsin Democrats. One wonders how many people they’ll have sign up to conspiracy to commit election fraud before the plug is pulled? – I’m hoping for three digits, myself.

This almost has to be a fake. Surely the Democratic party of Wisconsin isn’t THAT brazen.


Cemetery Petition Drive (Recall Petition Signing)

We will be taking names from headstones and making recall petitions with the names we find. We will start in Holy Angels Cemetary on Decorah and go from there.

The goal is 10,000 names – we can do this!

Here’s a screenshot for when this goes away – which it will, and probably within the hour. Which would be true either way, I suppose. Meanwhile, here’s an anti-recall ad from Scott Walker.


Remember, folks: Yes on Recall means Yes on Higher Property Taxes. Because the Left resents it when you take your tax money away from them. And that remains true, even if the cemetery thing isn’t.

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12 thoughts on “Wisconsin Democrats voting the graveyard on Walker recall*?”

  1. Well…the organizer’s last name is Patriot spelled backwards) so it may be an overzealous Walker supporter trying to catch some liberals in the act. 🙂

    1. Of course, BCochran1981: once I put it out on RedState they no doubt saw the resulting traffic spike, realized what had happened, and scrubbed the site. 🙂

  2. Look at any other event on the website – start in population centers like Milwaukee or Madison – and you’ll see that none have more than one or two people signed up. That’s not the way people use the site. The 72 confirmations for this fake event are pretty clearly fake as well. You’ve been suckered twice, the second time by the very people you sent over to the site.

    1. …There’s something fundamentally cheerful about seeing people argue that a group’s too small, pathetic, and apathetic to be really guilty of election fraud, isn’t there? This story just keeps getting better and better.

  3. It’s nice to see the other side spends time on your site. Btw, random note, how’s that iPad treating you? 😉

    1. BCochran1981: it let me get that “WE WANT THE DOG!” video up quickly when the Occupy Denver goofballs beclowned themselves at Blogcon 11, so quite well, thanks. 😉

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