Corrupt Governor John Kitzhaber (D, Oregon) MUST be recalled.

And not a moment too soon, either.

Two leaders of Republican Dennis Richardson’s failed gubernatorial campaign last fall have filed a prospective petition with the state seeking to launch a recall of Gov. John Kitzhaber.

It’s the second recall effort filed this week, yet potentially the more viable. Richardson has a vast email database that could help achieve the 220,000 signatures necessary to get a recall on the ballot.

…Are you a legal voter of Oregon?  Then it behooves you to sign this petition, when it becomes available in July. John Kitzhaber is so self-evidently corrupt that even the Oregonian – a paper that endorsed Kitzhaber – is calling for his resignation. This is a known thing; few dispute it.  In fact, it should have been the Democrats who started the recall process.   Continue reading Corrupt Governor John Kitzhaber (D, Oregon) MUST be recalled.

Colorado anti-gun state Senator Evie Hudak (D) abruptly resigns her seat. #recall

Because gun control activists cannot protect their own.

State Sen. Evie Hudak has decided to resign rather than risk facing a recall election that, should she lose, would flip control of the senate to Republicans, FOX31 Denver is first to report Wednesday.

Hudak is expected to make the official announcement with a press release sometime Wednesday morning.

Hudak, D-Westminster, could have been the third Democratic lawmaker to face a recall over a package of gun control bills they helped pass earlier this year.

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Is Colorado state senator Angela Giron resorting to PAYING to have anti-recall supporters?

So, basically it’s going on like this: Colorado State Senator Angela Giron is being threatened with a recall for her support of the rather draconian gun control laws that the (currently) Democratic-controlled Colorado state legislature just passed.  This was, of course, not received well by Democrats, and so Colorado Peak Politics did what all smart Right-populist groups do these days: they saturated the area with cameras and waited for Democratic shenanigans.

They may have gotten some. Continue reading Is Colorado state senator Angela Giron resorting to PAYING to have anti-recall supporters?

#rsrh Ah, Karma: WI-SEN Senator John Lehman (D) on borrowed political time.

Christian Schneider has the details, and they’re hysterical.  Short version: John Lehman is – assuming that he wins the various recall challenges – the new Democratic state senator for Wisconsin Senate District 21.  Small problem for Lehman, though: he’s eligible for recall himself a year from now.  Even worse: his district has been previously redrawn, the better to excise out the folks that voted for him in the last recall.  Basically, it works out like this:

If a small percentage of district residents (about 15,000 people) decide they want to hold a new election under the new map, they must simply wait until July 2013 to begin recalling Lehman. And if Lehman is recalled, he will lose the seat. According to the GOP’s demographic numbers, the new 21st Senate District is 57.5% Republican, while the old district was split evenly.

I really, really hope that Wisconsin Democrats truly enjoy the breeze that is coming out of the door that they’ve opened, here.  And I would like to gently remind them: it’s a little late to try to placate Wisconsin Republicans now.  You people threatened their families.  That’s not going to be forgiven in a hurry.

Moe Lane

#rsrh Jon Stewart kicks the WI recallers while they’re down.

And by ‘down’ I mean… oh, just watch the video. I kept waiting for Stewart to leave off kicking the Left on this – I was prepared and ready to accept that Stewart would leave off kicking the Left – but he. Did. Not. Stop.

Unless there was more than what was on that clip. But what was on that clip was not so much brutal as it was completely aimed at one side. That wasn’t mine. Highly surreal.

#rsrh #DoYouRecall ? – The new video from America Future Fund.

They don’t tell you this in the dojo or the salle d’arms, but out on the streets, there’s a rule*: the fight starts when the other guy’s on the ground.  The American Future Fund apparently lives by that principle when it comes to grinding the Left’s face into their own intemperate, arrogant rhetoric:

…Which is quite sensible of them.  And if you don’t like that attitude, well, let me offer the standard American response to such complaints.  Which is to say: a shrug and a calm Well, we didn’t start this war.

Moe Lane

*Or so I’ve been told.  I wonder if my presumption is offending a progressive lurker right now?  That would be a shame.

#rsrh #wirecall The Blame Game begins.

Via @cayankee comes this heartwarming example of one of Dizzy City’s favorite games: Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?  – And the common answer from Democrats is, of course, Everybody’s – except ME.  It’s pretty funny, really: failure might be an orphan, but there’s a lot of people out there prepared to assign paternity to it anyway.

There’s a lot of unintentional entertainment in the article, in fact.  I particularly enjoyed reading the bit where supposedly the WI Senate is about to flip back to the Democrats: as somebody in the Hill article’s comments section helpfully pointed out, even if that does happen (it’s possible) the state Senate is not going to be back in session this legislative season, and there’s another election between now and then.  One using new maps… designed by the current GOP majority.  Don’t expect that to be mentioned tomorrow if that one seat flips…

#rsrh Anti-Walker forces try to creep out last the remaining undecided #wirecall voters.

(H/T: Instapundit) Check it out (here and here): the Greater Wisconsin Committee (GWC) (best known for their stellar work in inadvertently helping to derail JoAnne Kloppenburg’s WI Supreme Court bid) wants you to know that they’re paying attention to who is voting.  And that they’re going to tell on you to your neighbors if you don’t vote. Every last one of you.  They’re watching you right now, in fact.  You see that shrubbery moving, and yet there’s no breeze tonight?  Yeah, that’s a Greater Wisconsin Committee member keeping his eye on you, with his directional mike and his binoculars and his infared sensors and his plastic raincoat and his big black rubber gloves…

And he wants you to vote for Tom Barrett, by the way.  The only way that the GWC isn’t targeting Scott Walker voters directly is because… well, the primary reason is that there’s a whole lot of them these days, thanks largely to the efforts of the GWC.  But another reason is because the GWC can’t crawl into the polling booth after you, so they can’t actually tell how people voted.  I bet that they’re trying to brainstorm that complication away, though…

Moe Lane

PS: Shorter Moe Lane: If your idea of useful political involvement involves doing things that in private life usually end with the phrase ‘restraining order’ being liberally strewn about, change your definition of ‘useful political involvement.’

#rsrh Ah, Wisconsin recall singers. Bad #wirecall singers. Bad, Awful, Horrid singers…

You want to know what the most glaringly obvious thing is about this video?

It’s that Wisconsin progressives can’t write songs worth a tinker’s dam.  Gentlemen, for the love of God:  if you havetostuffalotofwordsinrealfastineveryline of your song, stop what you are doing.  Write down the lines.  Cut the lines until you no longer have to stuff.

…Hold on.  I feel a rant building up. Continue reading #rsrh Ah, Wisconsin recall singers. Bad #wirecall singers. Bad, Awful, Horrid singers…