Marvel’s Age of Ultron counter-leak gambit.

Interesting point here from Reason on the leaked Marvel Age of Ultron trailer:

The trailer wasn’t supposed to be released this week at all. Marvel had originally planned to release the trailer next Tuesday, in conjunction with a new episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, a TV show with close ties to Marvel’s ever-expanding Avengers movie universe. After a low-resolution version of the trailer leaked, some copies were pulled at the request of Disney, which owns Marvel.


…within about two hours of the leaked version hitting the web, Marvel went ahead and posted the official version. So much for carefully stage-managed corporate PR, eh? But this is one of the reasons why Marvel is doing such great business these days. They’re not fighting the fans, not trying to control the crowd. The company is accepting the reality of the Internet—that a leak can’t really be contained—and giving fans what they want.

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How the trendy have fallen.

It is a measure to how far Rolling Stone has sank as a thought-leader that I didn’t even bother to read its “Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should be Fighting For.”  Still haven’t: why, that’s what is for.  Them, their opinions I care about.


…Yeah, this is phoning it in.  I’m going to take more Robitussin and call it a night.



Left’s War On Science Watch: Reason goes to see the anti-GMO crazypants.

You know that‘s got a good video when they can’t get past the intro without being (apparently) assaulted by one of Teh Crazy People.  In this particular case, it’s Teh Anti-GMO Crazy people.  You know: the ones that the Democrats don’t llike to talk about when the conversation turns to The War On Science.

Via Pejman Yousefzadeh, whose title says it all: “People Who Are Against Genetically Modified Foods Are Ill-Informed, and Willing to Let Millions Starve to Death.” With one caveat: it may be closer to tens of millions at this point. Not that the anti-GMO people really care.  Or are capable of doing basic math.  Or have even the most basic understanding of the history of technology*…

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Nine words to explain gun control enthusiasts?

Arrogant much, Moe?

I think that the sentence below explains it all: the reason why gun control enthusiasts tend to be remarkably ignorant of the thing that they’re trying to ban, the reason why gun control opponents typically come off as the sensible people in any given setting, the reason why all gun control disputes follow the Tragedy -> Hysteria -> Demagoguery -> Nothing Changes narrative arc, the whole shmeer.  Here you go:

Gun control arguments are based on emotion, not reason.

Nine words that will probably infuriate the average gun control enthusiast.  Which is kind of the point.

Moe Lane

#rsrh Bob Dylan, disliked by Rolling Stone?

Yes, the title is a stretch.

So I saw this:

…the link being to this Reason article highlighting a Rolling Stone article where the interviewer tried to get Bob Dylan to give his blessing to Barack Obama.  Bob Dylan chose… not to, largely because I get the impression that Bob Dylan doesn’t actually like politics very much. Or possibly he has political views that don’t mesh with his typical audience’s, and so Bob Dylan just, as the phrase was once put, shuts up and sings. Continue reading #rsrh Bob Dylan, disliked by Rolling Stone?

#rsrh See, this is why you leave the libertarians out of it.

“It” being defined as “your fundraising crusade to get more Big Green cash*.”  See, libertarian groups can get cranky – as in, irritable – when you drag them into your little games.  In fact, dragging them into said games can be roughly equivalent to going up and kicking awake a sleeping black bear.  Sure, you can survive the experience – but is it really an optimal way to spend your time?

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

*Short version: The Union of Concerned Scientists declared that General Electric’s support of the Reason Foundation made GE a hypocrite on global warming policy.  Reason, somewhat surprised to hear that GE was apparently one of their supporters, checked and discovered that the UCS was equating roughly five hundred dollars in matching funds to Reason to roughly five hundred thousand dollars in matching funds and corporate donations to Big Green groups.  Reason then proceeds to directly rake the UCS over the coals for this.  UCS changes their report, but weakly mutters about how Reason is against the anti-scientific consensus.  Reason sweetly asks whether this means that the UCS is about to change its stated position on biotech crops.  I don’t know how the UCS reacted to that, but I’d have paid ten bucks to see the looks on their faces.

#rsrh Ah, Wisconsin recall singers. Bad #wirecall singers. Bad, Awful, Horrid singers…

You want to know what the most glaringly obvious thing is about this video?

It’s that Wisconsin progressives can’t write songs worth a tinker’s dam.  Gentlemen, for the love of God:  if you havetostuffalotofwordsinrealfastineveryline of your song, stop what you are doing.  Write down the lines.  Cut the lines until you no longer have to stuff.

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#rsrh What the DC Metro escalator problem can tell us about government.

I was going to riff off of this American Crossroads bit about trying to get Democrats to give back Hilary Rosen’s campaign contributions, but you’re probably getting bored with reading about that. So here, via Instapundit, is a video about just how bad the escalator system is in the DC Metro.

And yeah: it’s bad.  Always has been, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that it’s apparently because they’ve got in-house people doing maintenance instead of outside contractors.  The desultory, lackidasical attitude towards fixing things was noticeable when I was using the Metro every day, and while I (thank God) no longer have to visit Dizzy City on a regular basis when I am there it doesn’t seem to have gotten any better. Continue reading #rsrh What the DC Metro escalator problem can tell us about government.