Colorado anti-gun state Senator Evie Hudak (D) abruptly resigns her seat. #recall

Because gun control activists cannot protect their own.

State Sen. Evie Hudak has decided to resign rather than risk facing a recall election that, should she lose, would flip control of the senate to Republicans, FOX31 Denver is first to report Wednesday.

Hudak is expected to make the official announcement with a press release sometime Wednesday morning.

Hudak, D-Westminster, could have been the third Democratic lawmaker to face a recall over a package of gun control bills they helped pass earlier this year.

Simple as that.  The first two Democrats thought that they could win their recalls, which is why they stayed and fought it out rather than resign (as Hudak will) and have another Democrat appointed to the seat until the next election.  They thought that… and then they lost.  Because gun control activists cannot protect their own. Democratic politicians follow the lead of Mike Bloomberg and the rest of his anti-gun zealots at their absolute peril.

I really can’t stress enough how much of a headlong run this looks like, by the way: Hudak broke and ran even before it was confirmed that she’d be subject to a recall election.  Although I suppose that we can now pretty much confirm that she herself expected to actually lose it.  I would suggest that the rest of the Colorado legislature take, as they say, the hint.

Because  gun control activists cannot protect their own.



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12 thoughts on “Colorado anti-gun state Senator Evie Hudak (D) abruptly resigns her seat. #recall”

  1. (mental picture of Bloomberg uttering Steve Urkel’s “Did I do that?” line …)
    Yeah, some days life is good.
    While this doesn’t flip the Colorado statehouse, it ought to put the Dems on notice that they need to behave themselves .. and 2014 is just around the corner.

  2. Too bad. I was looking forward to gridlock. With this, the Democrats will finish what they started.

  3. Yeah, we here are 3 for 3 in the Senate. All of which were done with no active support by the Colorado Republican Party [but they sure like to take credit and the seats delivered]. Don’t think we can get Hickenlooper, because it is harder to get statewide signatures. Which is a pity, because Hickenlooper is far from popular.

    Too bad that we don’t have some kind of statewide political organization with deep roots statewide, deep pockets, and willing to oppose what the Democrats are doing to the country. Something like that could maybe be called and “opposition party”.

    1. The State GOP has said all along that they weren’t in support of recalls, but ended up giving support anyway, for which they were given little, if any credit.

      This makes sense, BTW. They don’t want a “continuous” election cycle. I agree with that. It burns through money too quickly, and burns out the voters.

      I also agree this was an extraordinary circumstance, and it was a good thing to send a message. I think the message has been sent, and it’s time to back off from the recalls.

        1. Recalls suck, and I’m glad Indiana doesn’t have them, that being said they are a Leftist invention. It’s always nice to see them used against Leftists.

  4. Isn’t she the one that was less than sensitive to the rape victim testifying about her rape right by the campus police station of the university she attended with no gun policy? Her actions sickened me.

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