I need coffee.

Took me a moment to get it.

Worse, I then spent the next five minutes trying to come up with a good pun incorporating quantum mechanics. And I’m an English major, remember? Math is hard. Math-based puns are harder.

7 thoughts on “I need coffee.”

    1. BG5: I’m not exactly sure. I had to read a lot of fiction, but I had a lot of classes on how to write in various formats, too. No classes on literary deconstruction, though.

      xander: [WARNING: LIBERAL ARTS MAJOR ABOUT TO TALK ABOUT SCIENCE. GET YOUR POPCORN] The thing about quantum mechanics is that under certain circumstances several different possible outcomes sort of exist in a haze of possibilities; the only meaningful way that one can be determined is through observation, which ‘collapses’ the possible outcomes into one actual one. So, if you’re describing the economy in terms of quantum mechanics, and then you observe it, well…

  1. Turns out I did get it, i just didn’t think it was funny. My first thought was Heisenberg uncertainty principle, but then I thought that the economy would IMPROVE if observed.

    Thanks for the information.

  2. Moe: Good. I hate English Literature Majors. Can’t a story ever be just a story??
    xander: For further reading, see Books 1, 2, and 3, of “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” Saga.

  3. And the key to this joke is that it’s a pun on top of a physics joke. It takes the ‘collapse the waveform’ term, but then uses the common meaning of collapse. Heh.

    SMBC. It’s annoying when it’s gratuitously anti-Christian, and I’ve come close to quitting it at times, but it has its moments so I’ve stuck with it.

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