#rsrh Occupy Wall Street starts 2012 with aggravated assault.

Yup.  You’re all shocked.  Short version: dirty hippie wannabes tried to take over Zuccotti Park, cops kept them out, cop gets stabbed with scissors, dirty hippie wannabes try to keep cop from getting to the hospital.  You know, at some point these people are going to start plotting about how best to off them some cops.  Or maybe some soldiers.  Or dependents of either (they’re usually softer targets).  That’s how it usually ends: start with the SDS, end with the Weathermen…

Moe Lane

Via JWF, via AoSHQ Headlines.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Occupy Wall Street starts 2012 with aggravated assault.”

  1. Stabbing with scissors only qualifies as aggravated assault? I’d bring him up on attempted murder.

  2. I’m surprised they were allowed HAVE scissors. At least they weren’t where I attended third grade.

  3. Don’t forget that at one protest in NYC, the Occupy Folks were chanting “Follow Those Kids” at a bunch of grade schoolers that were walking past them. So even though the kids weren’t the children of police officers or bankers, they already have that mindset in place.

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