#rsrh I have to wonder if Meghan’s *meaning* to play King Canute…

here, or whether it’s accidental.  Essentially, Meghan McArdle’s trying to gently explain to the Occupy DC people that no, really, they’re helping to indirectly raise Dizzy City’s crime rate via the Occupiers’ hogging of finite police resources for protection (I have summarized the DC police union’s position on this issue quite comprehensively, but not inaccurately).  To which I sardonically note, Good luck with that, Meghan.  Those people are absolutely convinced that they’re the vanguard of some strange, fever-dream revolution*; compared to that, what’s a little money?  Or a whole lot of money?

Besides, if the protests start up again in late spring/summer there’s a pretty good chance that the Occupiers will start by brawling with the cops and having things degenerate from there.  Ah, progressive activists: can’t live with them, nobody else really wants them, either.

Moe Lane

*If I was more of a troublemaker, I’d find a way to sneak the Yellow Sign** into the ‘official’ Occupier iconography.  Alas, though, so few people would get the joke.

**No, not the real one.  It doesn’t actually exist, you know.  And thank God for that.


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