This morning’s Nightmare Fuel provided courtesy of C-SPAN.

So I’m flipping through the radio while waiting for the Mickey Dee’s drive-through line to start moving, and there’s nothing on. So I say to myself, Hey, let’s put on C-SPAN.  They’re usually less behind the bleeding edge of the news.  So I turn it on…

…just in time to hear a sweet old lady-caller tell me about how she heard that [CANDIDATE’S NAME REMOVED] got caught having oral sex in the back seat in a car in a driveway, right there for kids to see.  This was followed by a bit of dead air, so I assume that this was as much a surprise for the radio host as it was for me.  The awkward part?  She said all of this as I pulled up to the cashier window.  Of course.

Yes.  I apparently thought that you needed to know this.

Moe Lane


  • qixlqatl says:

    Heh, that’s the kind of timing I have come to expect in life…

  • Gimlette says:

    OK. You got me – I googled it. I found it being discussed on EMILY’s List. So, I am taking this blind item with a shaker of salt and just about every other spice in my cabinet. Including the mystery “poultry” spice that been there since the late 90’s….

  • BigGator5 says:

    Hey Moe, you can email the candidate’s name. I want to die laughing.

  • workingclass artist says:

    Didn’t Bill Clinton use that defense?

  • Rob Crawford says:

    I’m pretty sure this report went around in ’08, but no one ever paid any attention to the dude that claimed he, um, “shook hands” with Obama.

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