#rsrh (Mis)Name! That! Party!

Short version: when this story first appeared in the Hill it referred to Representative Hansen Clarke of Michigan as a Republican, not a Democrat.  This matters because Rep. Clarke had just called for a bailout of Detroit (which includes parts of Clarke’s district) by the federal government; and, obviously, that’s only a story when a Republican legislator is the one doing it.  For a Democratic one, it’d be best classified as a by-product of breathing.

Oh, was that mean of me?  Probably.  I blame my cold.  I’m sure that Rep. Clarke is a very nice person when he’s not requesting my tax money in order to shore up the shining exemplar of modern urban liberal governance.


  • earlgrey says:

    I generally assume a congressman from Detroit area would be Democrat. All that union labor would vote D, but that is an uneducated assumption on my part.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Gotta be careful with “Detroit area”. There are some solidly R areas around the city — they’re the ones who get blamed for its current situation.

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