Robert Wright inadvertently confesses that is meaningless.

Robert Wright is going to take a good deal of flack – deservedly so, in my opinion – for this rather bizarre attempt in the Atlantic to psychoanalyze Andrew Breitbart, now that Andrew is safely dead and thus unlikely to mock Wright into further oblivion over it. In this we see yet another example of the Lefty writer/’thinker’/pundit who has suddenly discovered his or her (usually his*) courage, just in time to try to urinate on a grave or two – but I actually don’t want to discuss that, actually. Those poor dweebs will be well-schooled by their more professional colleagues. What I want to note is this amazing confession by Wright:

I didn’t know Andrew Breitbart…

He didn’t know Andrew Breitbart.

Good God.  Everybody in this business knew Andrew Breitbart. Heck, I knew Andrew Breitbart; not very well, to be sure.  But I talked with him.  He knew RedState, and said some very nice things about it when we interacted.  I might have even gotten a call from him once on something or other that I had written or tweeted or something… and I note this not to puff myself up or anything, but to reinforce the point: everybody knew Andrew, including moderately obscure political bloggers who write for major political websites. To be a media (old or new) person and not know Andrew you either had to: a, work at it (as in, hide in a closet or something); b, not regularly work in, or possibly even visit, the DC/NY/LA media environment; or c, be completely isolated from the entire right side of the media (and New Media) establishment.

So it’s fascinating that Robert Wright admitted that he’s apparently either a, b, or c.  You see, Wright is the editor in chief of Bloggingheads, which is one of those websites that always seems to get brought up whenever somebody from the regular media wants to write something about New Media that isn’t completely rude.  For those who aren’t familiar, it’s essentially a series of long one-on-one video chats between two talking heads; and you’d think that the venue would be precisely the sort of thing that Andrew would have been all about.  Because the reason that everbody knew Andrew was because he’d talk to anybody, and about anything.  And yet… Wright never was able to have Andrew Breitbart on to do a discussion.

In other words, I can’t think of a single more damning admission of New Media impotence on Wright’s part; and the funniest thing is, Wright didn’t even realize that he was confessing that.

Moe Lane

*This is entirely subjective, but for some reason it’s been the male Lefty pundits that have acted worst. I suspect that Andrew was a bit… challenging for some of those people.


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