#rsrh, Hey! It’s like Romney wants to be President, or something.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) From Team Romney’s ripping on PolitiFact’s proxy ripping on Team Romney’s common sense observation that women aren’t doing too well during President Obama’s term of office:

Perhaps most problematic is the selection of experts itself. The involvement of the BLS’s own spokesman is somewhat bizarre, but he seems to have just emailed you statistics that you could have looked up for yourself. Far more troubling were the selection of your two experts.

As you may or may not know, Gary Burtless has already donated twice to President Obama’s campaign this cycle.

Much more inexplicably, Bestey Stevenson, who you identify simply as “a business and public policy professor at Princeton University,” was until recently the chief economist for Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. She also authored a recent opinion piece for Reuters entitled “The Case for Obama’s Jobs Program.” I have no way of knowing whether Politifact was aware of this and failed to disclose it, or whether she failed to identify her role in the Administration. ¬≠Frankly, I am not sure which would be worse.

On a final, fitting note, Ms. Stevenson has a Twitter account and on April 6 tweeted “This recovery has not been good for women.” Those forty-two characters are far more accurate than anything that you wrote.

It’s… nice to have a Presidential candidate that doesn’t need to be prodded into swinging back, isn’t it?¬† That was a constant irritation for me in 2008.

Moe Lane

PS: Ms. Stevenson’s prior affiliation with Hilda Solis’s Department of Labor really, really needed to be disclosed, by the way. Voting for the President is one thing; working for the President in the very field that the opposition is criticizing is something else entirely.¬† I’m not saying ‘exclude:’ I’m saying ‘disclose,’ and let the reader decide for herself.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh, Hey! It’s like Romney wants to be President, or something.”

  1. Romney wants to be POTUS. Of that there is no doubt.
    Exactly what kind of POTUS he will be .. that’s the question.

    I am happy, though, to see the designated-GOP-leader-in-waiting is not sitting idly by.


  2. I’m not a Romney fan, BUT, if he’s willing to get out there and fight, to push back, then he’s got my support. Real tired of taking a cheap shot to the nether regions and then just complaining about it to the official.

  3. I read somewhere yesterday “Romney’s bite is worse than his bark”, I think it was AOSHQ, and he implied that this may in fact be a “good” thing. I’m inclined to agree.

  4. Except when the issue is related to the Constitution, like when the President signed the NDAA into law, giving himself the power to detain American citizens without due process, then Romney is like “Oh, yeah, that is a good law, and I know President Obama won’t abuse his authority.” Jiminy Crickets, people.

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