#rsrh You know who’s loving life today? Joe Freaking Biden, that’s who.

Normally the collective scorn of the blogosphere would be focused like a laser on his… Bidenesque… statement that Senator Stuart Smalley of Minnesota* was a “leading legal scholar.”  As it is, everybody’s all Oh, yeah, Joe Biden opened his mouth and stupidity came out.  Again.  Which is not great, but it’s not actually driving the news.  On the other hand, one presumes that Vice President talks because, somewhere in the recesses of his own private universe, he clutched to belief that doing so will still help his friends?  Somehow?

On the gripping hand, this is possibly the first time in months that Al Franken was actually in the news, even in passing…

Moe Lane

*Also: Fox Nation using that picture for Al Franken was so subtly nasty that I completely missed it at first.


  • acat says:

    :idly wonders if Minnesota is sick of Sen. Smalley yet:

  • lourae says:

    On the Ed Show (via Allah)–
    “I think the war on women is real, and look, I tell you where it’s going to intensify: the next president of the United States is going to get to name one and possibly two or more members of the Supreme Court.”
    Keep talking, Joe.

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