#rsrh Announcing the Cunning Hat Initiative. #firefly #browncoats #tcot

The Avengers’ 200 million dollar opening this weekend is… well, it’s a thing.  So much of a thing that it caused Jonah Goldberg to tweet “So, now that Joss Whedon is Hollywoods’s master now, can he please bring back Firefly?”  Which is a darn good question.

Now, here’s the thing: I know things.  For example, I know what the actual percentage of secret geeks is in politics, and it’s higher than you might think.  I know it because people sidle up to me at political events and admit, yeah, they read comic books/game/play online RPGs/watch shows like Firefly.  And I also know that Firefly resonates with people on my side of the political spectrum – much to Joss Whedon’s own bemusement, reportedly.


So to all those people lurking right now, and reading this: you want Firefly back?  Time to start representing, punh yoh.  Get yourself a Cunning Hat.  Wear it on TV.  When they ask you why, you go ahead and tell them.  If on;y to watch them blink.

Hey, you want the show back, or not?

Moe Lane

11 thoughts on “#rsrh Announcing the Cunning Hat Initiative. #firefly #browncoats #tcot”

  1. Nathan Fillion would have to start working out again. The good living he’s been enjoying as the star of Castle has been showing for a couple seasons now. 😉

  2. Is the audience really there? I liked the show, still watch them on Amazon streaming, but the movie did not dent the box office. Call me pessimistic, but I just don’t see a Star Trek like revival. I could see other options such as comics, cartoons, or maybe a syndicated type show available via streaming.
    Now on the other had if the crew was kidnapped and had to save an alien race that believed that they were heros from the historical documents; crash land into Comic Con. Then maybe a new show on broadcast TV would be possible

  3. Can you imagine….Romney calls a presser and lets it leak that he’s confessing something. A major revelation. He walks out hand in hand with his wife. Steps up to the podium. “blah..blah..thank you for coming. Something has been weighing on my mind for some time now. There’s a part of me that a lot of people don’t know about and, well, I think it’s time I share it. This is a part of me my wife struggles with (this is a hat tip to my own wife), but I know she’ll always love and support me. Ladies and gentlemen, I…am a geek. And this, (as he pulls on the hat) is my Cunning Hat.”

  4. Alrighty then Moe; Point taken, hat ordered (from KnittyMD on etsy.com – looked like the most accurate reproduction – thanks for the link)

    I fully intend to wear it at the next team status meeting – us IT guys can get away with certain occasional…variations…in standard corporate behavior. I expect the hat will mesh nicely with my Gryffindor tie.

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