The campaign ad that Obama cut for us in 2011 (RNC, Team Romney, take note).

Via Ed Driscoll, via PJ Tatler: Obama in 2011 explaining what he’s going to do to lower gas prices:


  • Shorter Barack Obama: Buy a more efficient car.  Especially you, you guy asking me a question who has the unmitigated gall to have a large family and so has to have a large-capacity vehicle in response.  Hold on, let me make fun of you and your family in the process – while demonstrating that I know nothing about fuel efficiency in cars (via here)…

Sorry: the man is so infuriatingly long-winded and rambling that even the executive summaries of what he says drag on and on.  Let me try again:

  • Shorter-Shorter Barack Obama: Suffer, peon.

There.  Anyway, this should be a campaign ad.  Assuming that the GOP can manage to compress four minutes of blathering down to about thirty seconds or so; it’s surprisingly hard to see where to cut.  Essentially. it’s ill-informed, fatheaded smug condescension all the way down.

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  • Ric Locke says:

    And, of course, gas prices are currently creeping down slowly. Right now they’re roughly 20 cents off the recent peak, at least where I live.

    The reason, of course, is that if you’re unemployed you don’t have to buy gas to get to work, so the price isn’t being bid up. I’m not confident that the Stupid Party is able to make that point, but I wish they were.

  • Jbird says:

    If the man who asked the question would simply purchase 3 Volts his family could travel more efficiently. Obviously that should be the penance for the sin of having a large family in an obviously Malthusian worldview.

  • BJ54 says:

    His whole Presidency is “”Essentially… ill-informed, fatheaded smug condescension all the way down.”

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