#rsrh Anti-Walker forces try to creep out last the remaining undecided #wirecall voters.

(H/T: Instapundit) Check it out (here and here): the Greater Wisconsin Committee (GWC) (best known for their stellar work in inadvertently helping to derail JoAnne Kloppenburg’s WI Supreme Court bid) wants you to know that they’re paying attention to who is voting.  And that they’re going to tell on you to your neighbors if you don’t vote. Every last one of you.  They’re watching you right now, in fact.  You see that shrubbery moving, and yet there’s no breeze tonight?  Yeah, that’s a Greater Wisconsin Committee member keeping his eye on you, with his directional mike and his binoculars and his infared sensors and his plastic raincoat and his big black rubber gloves…

And he wants you to vote for Tom Barrett, by the way.  The only way that the GWC isn’t targeting Scott Walker voters directly is because… well, the primary reason is that there’s a whole lot of them these days, thanks largely to the efforts of the GWC.  But another reason is because the GWC can’t crawl into the polling booth after you, so they can’t actually tell how people voted.  I bet that they’re trying to brainstorm that complication away, though…

Moe Lane

PS: Shorter Moe Lane: If your idea of useful political involvement involves doing things that in private life usually end with the phrase ‘restraining order’ being liberally strewn about, change your definition of ‘useful political involvement.’


  • Rockphed says:

    Your links to instapundit do not exist for me.

  • lourae says:

    The comments at that Althouse post are interesting, to say the least. There also exists a Harvard-based ‘study’ of campaign contributions going around–who gives what, and to whom. This is info that is publicly available. But the threat is not-so-subtly implied. Sleazy, and yet predictable.

  • Patrick M says:

    Moe, why is the banner ad above this post an anti-Walker ad, “Barrett for wisconsin”? do these guys have no sense of irony?

  • K M Scane says:

    Anyone who thinks we are not showing signs of a frightful turn of events in this country, is living in a dream world.
    Now that Progressives see this tact, ‘Monkey-see/Monkey-do’ will be in affect and the Run to November is gonna’ get downright *Condition Red’.
    Please report any realities, if you’d be so kind……..

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