#rsrh DNC spokesman praises ‘Bush tax cuts.’

Hey, when do you think that the Democrats are going to stop writing, starring in, and producing the raw footage for our attack ads?  It’s starting to feel like we should be reporting it as an in-kind contribution.

Partial transcript of DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse, courtesy of Jim Geraghty:

“Broadly speaking, Republicans and Democrats don’t want to see, especially at a time where the economy needs all the fuel it can get, don’t want to see us raising taxes on the middle class. So for example, some of the Bush tax cuts did some good things for the middle class, and certainly don’t want to see, this time, tax increases on the middle class.”

You may remember Brad Woodhouse from the time that he and the DNC passively-aggressively [probably be for the best if I remove that phrase*; also, link fixed] the guy who wanted to try to shoot Eric Cantor.  I must say, the specter of DOOM on the horizon seems to have made him and the DNC a bit more… cautious… since those far-off days…

Moe Lane

*Mind you, no direct cause-and-effect link between the two.  So stipulated.

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