#rsrh See, this is why you leave the libertarians out of it.

“It” being defined as “your fundraising crusade to get more Big Green cash*.”  See, libertarian groups can get cranky – as in, irritable – when you drag them into your little games.  In fact, dragging them into said games can be roughly equivalent to going up and kicking awake a sleeping black bear.  Sure, you can survive the experience – but is it really an optimal way to spend your time?

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

*Short version: The Union of Concerned Scientists declared that General Electric’s support of the Reason Foundation made GE a hypocrite on global warming policy.  Reason, somewhat surprised to hear that GE was apparently one of their supporters, checked and discovered that the UCS was equating roughly five hundred dollars in matching funds to Reason to roughly five hundred thousand dollars in matching funds and corporate donations to Big Green groups.  Reason then proceeds to directly rake the UCS over the coals for this.  UCS changes their report, but weakly mutters about how Reason is against the anti-scientific consensus.  Reason sweetly asks whether this means that the UCS is about to change its stated position on biotech crops.  I don’t know how the UCS reacted to that, but I’d have paid ten bucks to see the looks on their faces.


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