#rsrh Heidi Heitkamp (D CAND, ND-SEN): not yet ready for prime-time.

There are a number of unkind things that I could say about Ms. Heitkamp’s appearance and manner in this video, but I shall refrain and merely note: this is not really a great way to present your message. From Revealing Politics:

You know, I saw a lot of Democratic candidates and legislators in 2010 hunker down and stolidly ignore questions and inquiries from folks with cameras. And I’d like to note that whichever consultants counseled said candidates and legislators to pursue that strategy should be fired, because as it turned out, so were a lot of the people that the consultants were so counseling. Because – as the above video shows – there’s no way to physically look good while running away.

Via @BenHowe.

Moe Lane

PS: Rick Berg for Senate.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Heidi Heitkamp (D CAND, ND-SEN): not yet ready for prime-time.”

  1. I am not one to apologize or make excuses for Democrats in most instances, but the guy with the camera shouting at a woman on her cell phone came off looking much worse than her.

  2. I don’t see stuff like this as relevant. When they start shooing people away after they hear the question? Sure. The entire video is 38 seconds, only a handful of which show her running away. Also, how many times has this guy chased her? I don’t like the “in the bushes” stuff from the left, and this might well be the right’s version of same — “I won’t leave you alone until you respond to my framing…”. Or it might not. Point is, you can’t tell.

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