#rsrh QotD, This Sounds Like Good Advice edition.

Glenn Reynolds, offering advice to the guy that ABC News slimed today:

If I were the Tea Party Holmes, I’d have my lawyer talking to ABC right now. My terms: Groveling apology to be repeated on at least two national newscasts, plus This Week and all Colorado affiliates. Plus $250K in damages. No apology by tonight, and the demand goes to $5 million. Oh, and guys, be sure to preserve all records, browser histories, etc. for litigation. . . .

Don’t let them get away with We’re sorry if anyone was upset, either.  No, the proper apology is We’re sorry because we did something wrong.


  • Xasteius says:

    Let’s have Sean Connery explain:

  • Xasteius says:

    kowalski, crud, killed my youtube link.

    Short version: Use the right wing version of the Chicago Way

  • From ME to you says:

    I’d want a written apology delivered in person and a live feed presentation and reading of said apology by the head of ABC news…and $5M is a good start.

  • mriggio says:

    The $250K by sundown is OK, but no releases are signed without the head of Brian Ross on a platter…

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